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i'm back for good. i've been writing, still, everyday--just haven't posted it up on this account.

definitely going to be dusting off my old archives. i've missed this. all the privacy of the world in a very public place. nice.
woke up today and recieved this notification in my devianart inbox:-

Because eloquence escapes me. Because many things do.

Early on January 11, my beautiful husband lost his battle with brain cancer. He lay in my arms above our cliffs and slept.

Thank you for your support and kindness through this very difficult time. I know that it kept him fighting, and he fought to the last. In his final hours, his spirit simply proved stronger than his body. We who loved him should not be surprised by this. Everyone he touched can understand what a unique and powerful soul he was.

I apologise for the delay in sending out this information, but we have been devastated by his loss. Bill's capacity for unconditional love and unmovable faith are things not easily replaced. As Nicole says, "Our hearts beat over empty spaces."

Should you so wish, Bill asked that any and all condolences be sent in the form of a charitable donation to the Philadelphia AIDS Walk. It was an event that held great significance and which he would often say took measures and provided assistance to prolong his incredible life.

Do not share in our grief because Bill did not wish any of us to be sad. I am not certain he understood how difficult this would be, or how great his loss, but his family is trying to honour our promise to find a reason to think of him and smile. We believe, perhaps with all of you, that it might be fine to smile through our tears for a while.

I love you as you loved him, as I loved him, and I thank you.

B. Michael Collins

Godspeed, soul-brother. Heaven is a better place for having you. So was home. (via deviantart; GeneratingHype)

honestly, i want to say something, anything, that actually contains some sort of profound meaning but words seem cheap and inadequate as of now. so. i'm just going to leave it short and simple, because he would have encouraged it "in the case that words desert you".

bill was one of the most inspirational writer and friend i have ever had the fortune to know and he will be sorely, sorely missed. he, from what he has told me, had lived a full life and despite being diagnosed with a terminal disease, was adamant about not letting it rule his life. he won't be remembered because of how he died, but moreso of how he led such a fulfiling life. my deepest condolences to his family and friends.

rest in paradise, bill.
'GeneratingHype, a writer I have come to know on DA, has AIDS and he is dying. Even as I type this entry, I am brought on the verge of tears. His family and friends are hoping he'd make it to the New Years, whilst his wedding with his partner, Brody, will be happening on Christmas. Usually I pray for all the wrong reasons; I pray that I would be happier; that the boy of my dreams would feel the same about me. But when sleep finally arrives today, I want Bill's name to be still damp on my lips.

I struggle with words but I'm beginning to wonder if even all the words in this world could possibly convey just how I feel about this amazing writer. Of all the things I know, there is one thing I am certain when it comes to Bill—I refuse to remember how he died but rather the sort of person he lived as. He has been, and will always remain, an inspiring writer. His writing has moved countless people who have had the fortune to read his works. Personally for me, Bill was the very reason why I have attained a soft spot for letter-writing, simply because he made me fall in love with this lost art. He will always be in my heart as the many hearts of the people he has touched in his life. It brings to mind the quote that I know Bill has undoubtedly fulfilled: life is not counted by the amount of breaths you take; it is measured by the amounts of moments that take your breath away.

We love you, Bill. I will never forget you.
hello internet,

actually, i don't have an excuse for not submiting any art, and stuff. i've been really busy, you know, having a life and stuff, but i'm happy to say i hadn't completely abandoned writing and graphic designing.

i've submitted a series of letters which i will be working on until, well, until i get sick of writing about an unrequinted crush. ha-ha, you can all suffer with me.

if anyone's interested, i have an ongoing shared blog with my best friend, tyana. feel free to follow us on tumblr, because i usually add snippets of my writing on there before i get to updating them on deviantart.

take it easy everyone, and in case i don't come back to wish everyone a merry christmas-- MERRY CHRISTMAS !
First of the Still Running series posted:…

C/C appreciated.
My latest deviation:…

:] I'm so excited about it- it's thanks to liliy that I started getting really motivated to submit another deviation.


Hope you guys enjoy it, ;]

Ciao loveyyy!